Cross-Cultural-Dialogues In the Middle East

The Seich Jarach Clown marching trough the Gay and Lesbian Parade in Jerusalem / Al Quds
The Seich Jarach Clowns marching trough the Gay and Lesbian Parade in Jerusalem / Al Quds

I met Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi  and Chana M. in Jerusalem / Al Quds and we talked all about the connection between creativity and political action. their both writers and scholars and the conversation was had is part of a Journey thier doin’ into the Middle East.

Azareen is from Iran and also my grandfather is from Iran. so i asked her if she visit in (his home town) Mashhad and she said she did. she went to Mashhad to have her vacation from Teheran. but now she can’t go back to Iran and also I can’t go and visit my Jewish  roots.

Chana and me also found a very good connection and I’ve send her books and poetry that I ‘ve edited. Also their both were curious about “Culture Guerrila” – our creative political movement who connection the art with the social struggles and i told them everything i know  (-:

i really do recommend you to follow their blog “Cross-Cultural-Dialogues In the Middle East” in part of this fantastic site “Word Without Borders“.

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