Special Poem for the Egyptian Revolution

My best friend M. from Egypt send me an email: “mubarak’s regime closes the facebook. Shoots and puts demonstrators in jail. please share” and so I decided to upload this poem especially for him and for the Egyptian people who want democracy in the middle-east!


In A Destroyed Kfar Shalem and the Expelling of Jaffa / Mati Shemoelof

Listen, Momma:

A well-fed white rat

Persuaded the inspector

To eat along with the builder

To feed the politician

To bed down with the judge

And flatten the people’s history.

A big rat, Momma,

I swear I saw her nibbling at the rubble


Excreting the culture that eats

Without ever being satisfied.

And why do I tell you all this, Momma?

Maybe because I feel it can’t go on like this,

We have to stand together

Confront the rat

And shout out the pain of those nibbles.

You’re right, Momma,

We are not rats.

But the stigma on our bodies,

The rubble before our eyes,

Have come across to my daughter

Who asks how we never


A thing.

This poem was translated from Hebrew by Dena Shunra [ http://hebrew.shunra.net/%5D

Here is the Hebrew version of it.