Israel needs its own freedom riders

by codepinkhq cc: flickr | Conyers 007
by codepinkhq cc: flickr | Conyers 007

Thanks to my friends the journalist Khaled Diab i could support the Palistinian freedom riders on his Jpost op-ed.

“It would help challenge the myths and misconceptions that Israelis have about Palestinians and highlight, through direct action, the reality of segregation,” he said. The myths and misconceptions that Shemoelof thinks Israeli freedom riders can counter include the widespread Israeli belief that Palestinians enjoy sovereignty but cannot govern themselves. That could help explain the paradoxical attitude that more than half of Israelis want to return the occupied territories but have not mobilized to do so.

Another common misconception is that Palestinians do not know the meaning of non-violent protest.

“Most of the Israelis after the second intifada refuse to believe that the Palestinian can be our friends. They see them as Hamasnics [Hamas members]. Israelis can’t relate to Palestinian life because of mass media demonization, ” said Shemoelof

Read the all of Khaled Diab Op-ed from Jpost


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