Large balloons filled with 50,000 poems, submitted by poets from all over the world placed up above the whole length of Arasta / Ledra street. And inside one of the ballons was my poem “Why don’t i write israeli love poems” from my third poetry book (2010).

Why don’t I write Israeli Love Songs

To Amiri Baraka

First bring me back my history

And then my textbooks

And don’t tell me my poem is a political manifesto

When you haven’t got a clue ‘bout your wrongs. So here is a lead:

I want compensation from the National Bank of Israel

For the Palestinians, the Mizrachim, the Women, the Gays and the Lesbians

For every comment, transit-camp, closed military zone

Disappearance, disfigurement.

I want you to open the poetry safe

And give back the land to those you took from

And compensate for a horrible occupation

I will wait by the national bank of Israel,

Outside the window of the National Insurance Institute,

Under the cars of the treasury Department

Until you aptly compensate for all the distilled racism

And only then, when the children of children of the compensated ones

Will study in university, in an equal society

Only then will I be willing to write Israeli love songs.

The Poem was first published on “Fusion” Magazine – Big Bridge #15, Spring, 2011


About Mati Shemoelof

משורר, עורך וסופר. A Writer
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  2. Much thanks Martha, Greetings from Israel

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