Mladí Židé se už neohlížejí za minulostí a stěhují se do Berlína. Kvůli práci i zábavě

“Berlín je unikátní svým svobodným duchem, leností a širokou paletou lidí, kteří tu žijí,” vysvětluje Mati Shemoelof, co se mu ve městě na Sprévě líbí. Příběh izraelského spisovatele, který v Berlíně žije od loňského září, ilustruje podobnou cestu tisíců mladých Izraelců.

The German capital, paradoxically, turns good place to young  Israelis.

Today, Cosmopolitan (Berlin)  offers the possibility of home  You will not find

For a long time it had been only country guilty greatest evil. Driving in Israel German car was still decades after  the end of the Second World War unthinkable. But also the highest quality German products not long in Israel a chance  succeed. And the idea that the man went on vacation to Germany amounted to unspeakable taboo. for  a number of mainly older people from the Holy Land to this day.  in one of the most attractive places in the world. Return of the “Jewish (Berlin)” is a hot topic of German  and Israeli metropolis

Mati Shemoelof explains what he’s in on the Spree like. The story of the Israeli writer, who  (Berlin) lives since last September, illustrates a similar journey of thousands of young Israelis.  That moves to (Berlin), the Shemoelof decided as early as 2012, when the – as he says –  met with “amazing atmosphere of the city.” Now here is preparing a book of short stories in which the main role is played by just  (Berlin) and Judaism

People like him here in recent years rapidly increasing. According to estimates now in the German capital  There are about 20,000 Israelis. A lot of them came here first  only briefly as tourists. A couple of days, but often  extend for several months or years. Others come back here again.  (Berlin) in Israel is simply a trend that is still growing. Significantly, for example, there is growing demand for courses  German. “In the last three years we have increased traffic in Tel Aviv language courses approximately one fifth,” says  Jörg Klinner from the local Goethe Institute. Also in Jerusalem interested in German courses has increased and the institute had   its range recently expanded. A major motivation for memorizing German is in the majority of course participants   by Klinnera clear. “The main concern is about Germany, for many of our clients but especially (Berlin)   what attracts them.  People there want at least some time to live, “explains Klinner.   Between the parties and the Holocaust Just go through a few streets to be in Berlin’s trendy Prenzlauer Berg,  where i is the largest synagogue in the city. Hebrew is the often heard and Israeli restaurants are full of mostly   young people

Famous Israeli party are crazy gay Meschugge Blending German and   Jewish culture. Above the stage hangs in the five-pointed star portrait of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for DJ’s   the brick wall mounted large Israeli flag.  in Hebrew means crazy. For this party perfect name. “Most of the people of Israel, now come here only for  entertainment. History and complex relationship with Germany already addressed. The main theme of the clubs, pubs, parties, “he says with a   a hint of disdain in his voice Illan Weiss, who in over ten years held regular meetings for   Israelis.  Their own “infrastructure” there is a high level. In addition to shops and restaurants are in the (Berlin)  a Jewish kindergarten, school, secondary school, but also the hospital or library

You can tell from afar to be  glance: on the sidewalk around the barricades at the entrance stands the German police and live around them. Police guard   i still Holocaust memorial center (Berlin) at the Brandenburg Gate.   Labyrinth of the giant gray concrete blocks, which have built nine years ago, playing in the current relationship  between Germany and Israel vital role

According to the director of central Berlin Judaicum Hermann Simon   in his homeland changed perception (Berlin) right from the time it was unveiled this impressive monument gray  As if suddenly became an attractive place German metropolis and tourists from Israel began to vote for goal   their paths are increasingly being (Berlin).   In it, still in the early thirties Jews played an important role and influence the operation and atmosphere of this  important city. At that time they were living in a dynamic city at 160,000. Peaceful coexistence but finally ended in   Grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, but sees today in Germany, and especially in its capital  “(Berlin) is unique with its free spirit, laziness and a wide variety of people who live here,”   On the dance floor to the rhythm of Israeli music jumping people from various countries. Meschugge

March 1933, when the Nazis unleashed persecution of the Jews. The oppression resulted in the systematic extermination plan  Jewish population. The January 20, 1942 in a villa on the shore of Lake Wannsee signed fifteen Nazi chiefs. This was followed by the murder of Jews in concentration camps, which by the end of the Second World War
fell victim to six million people

To date, Germany intensively dealing with the darkest chapter in its history. according to representatives various Israeli institutions doing well. In the very center of it physically demonstrates just giant Holocaust Memorial and dozens of other commemorative sites or maybe the Jewish Museum, which is one of the most visited places in the city. The history of subtly remind the streets (Berlin) thousands of brass paving stones with the names of people among the victims of the Holocaust

Feast of Lights Hanukkah, not (Berlin) for the Israelis even today the city like any other. Live where 72 years ago the Nazis arranged a plan to kill off the entire nation is today by Ofer Adereta, journalists Tel Aviv daily Haaretz, complex. “It’s not the same as living in London or Paris. I’ve never been in (Berlin) felt normal. There’s still a man haunted by dark feelings and thinking about past, Holocaust, Nazism. This is the (Berlin) just can not escape, “says Aderet. He himself had spent about two years ago, at the beginning of June, but says he finally moved home in Tel Aviv

Only five thousand Jews. In the seventies came the first immigrants from the Soviet Union after the fall Eastern bloc came thousands of mostly orthodox Jews. That changed a few years ago and now in (Berlin) heading mainly young secular Israelis. “It attracts the same as people from all over the world (Berlin) is a large, lively, multicultural, affordable and open to creative people. And of course attracts some unique History (Berlin), “says Tal Alonová that the (Berlin), established the first Hebrew journal Spitz. A number of his potential readership is growing. Since 2006, increased by Bloomberg number of Israelis (Berlin) by 40 percent. “Unfortunately we do not have exact numbers. But what is certain is that the trend is still growing, “says Kateryna Naryzhnová of the Israeli embassy in (Berlin)

To find out the exact number is impossible fact that Israelis often have other, perhaps German citizenship. Descendants of German Jews can be easily obtained, for example, just the German passport. And when considering where to go from their home to an experienced abroad, has just Germany and with simpler organizational reasons. More fun for less money to attract young Israelis (Berlin) except its atmosphere and wide scope of options and low living expenses. They are by Ilana Weiss, who works in insurance, average a third lower than in their home country on the Red Sea. Just economic reasons why young people are leaving people from home, is, according to him, 90 percent of those most frequently

In Israel, because since 2008, the average rents by 51 percent, while above average Revenue fell 1.6 percent. Inflation also increased by 16 percent. Economic and social problems in the summer 2011 culminated in demonstrations in the center of Tel Aviv. Although the protests died down, major improvement is still not a young looking better tomorrow abroad

First of all artists can (Berlin) live on a much better level than at home. Cheaper food, lower rents and at worst a relatively decent social benefits they can provide in the German metropolis and polite  comfortable life. academics and people of various professions. They work in the specialty stores, a restaurant, cooperate with foundations or institutes that deal with common history. Everyone in more than three million people metropolis something for everyone. “(Berlin) attracts its diverse offer. Today is a new, fresh, but also the historical and in-depth, “says Klinner with that for all it is worth to live there. Startups: Gateway to the European market Do (Berlin) head off more and more startups. And despite the fact that it is Israel is known as one of the most vibrant centers of young and rapidly growing companies with plenty of investors

“But (Berlin) in the last few years have been able to create a reputation as the place with the atmosphere of the kibbutz,” says Amir Harel, founder of start-up Talking Layers. He develops special technology that provides real-time control and edit content such as on news sites so as to achieve maximum revenue. Harel attracted to (Berlin), three Flights job offer one headhunterské company. A still does not regret his decision. Simple right-wing reality and the numbers: when you manage to pull off at startup (Berlin), the company gets access to a much larger market, not only in Germany itself, but also easier entry into other European countries. such opportunities in Israel are not. “He is there are a number of Israeli startups. Although there is not yet enough investors as in Tel Aviv, there are cheaper developers and rents are lower, “says Harel with the fact that the (Berlin) have startups a much easier way to other European markets. It is a plus that their homeland can hardly compensate

Spiegel magazine recently confirmed that site (Berlin) in Israel is growing. This makes the city come While Christians celebrate Christmas and next to an ornate tree at the Brandenburg Gate ongoing celebrations But far more people are heading in the opposite direction. After the Second World War, lived in a split (Berlin) Although the Israeli art scene here is one of the most visible, attracting (Berlin) increasingly also In addition to the romantic view of the (Berlin) as the place with the spirit of the leftist community that works Also director of the Berlin office of consulting firm McKinsey for the German Christian Malorne hundreds of students who have often anchor and stay longer than they planned. German-Israeli cooperation in startups as well as through further strengthens them. Within five years of the (Berlin) state according to a study McKinsey best location for startups in Europe and should overtake as London, Paris or just Tel Aviv

Today the two cities together several lines daily. Busier still more: the tourists from Israel is still vigorously increasing. In the first quarter of this year grew a record number of overnight Israeli tourists increased annually by 60 percent. The number of guests in this country increased substantially – year on year 40 percent. One can thus expect hundreds more Israelis at least some time in the (Berlin) grounds. And despite criticism in Israel, such as the local Finance Minister Yair Lapida, whose grandfather was assassinated in a Nazi concentration camp. Fifty-year Lapid last fall quite sharply criticized the emigration of young people. “Excuse me if I’m impatient with all those who are willing to leave the only country of the Jews just because they live in (Berlin) is easier, “she said in one of his speeches. Instead of understanding, but said the mostly negative reaction to a great wave of media impact. according to critics Israeli Minister of Finance did not understand why, especially young people are leaving. A result was even more interested in (Berlin). Young Jews simply liked it