Thank you!

10350637_895196427160782_1532805547347239717_nThank u for alll of the Birthday greetings. You are a big heart!

Tonight at 18:00 i will be peforming in the Jüdisches Museum Berlin | Jewish Museum Berlin with Maya Kuperman Ronen A. Kaydar and Gadi Goldberg – Its a free antrance and you are all invited

i am proud that today the taz. die tageszeitung made a big article with us regarding the reading

In Septmber i will fly to Israel/Palestine and will celebrate my book launce at the    book shop Sipur Pasut on the 11.9

 For your hebrew readers. You can read one story
So you can either celebrate with me tonight or in September.

Make peace no war! stop the massacare in Gaza! and say to the leaders : sit down and talk. We are brothers and sisters – let stop the dead and talk


About Mati Shemoelof

משורר, עורך וסופר. A Writer
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