An open condolences letter to the family of Mohammad Abu Khdeir and the Palestinian people


Haokets (Translated from Hebrew by Idit Arad and Matan Kaminer)

Our hands shed this blood, our hands set Mohammad Abu Khdeir on fire, our hands fanned the flames. We have been living here for too long to claim that we did not know, we did not understand, we were not able to foresee. We witnessed the actions of the vast machine of incitement to racism and revenge operated by the government, the politicians, the educational system and the media. We watched Israeli society become neglected and poor, till the call to violence in all its different forms became an outlet for many, fighting for their place in the margins of society, teenagers and adults alike. We saw how the meaning of being Jewish has been emptied and sharply reduced to be identified with nationalism, militarism, a struggle for land, hatred of Gentiles, shameful exploitation of the Holocaust trauma and…

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