The sour taste of milky pudding: The cost of living in Israel

2014-08-03 16.33.30It is estimated that some 40,000 Israelis are living in Berlin, most of them coming in the last decade. It has become kind of vogue among young urban Israelis. Mati Shemoelof, a writer and a poet who moved to Berlin a year ago, is aware, of course, of the historical meaning of living in Berlin, but claims that it is not done out of defiance. “There are more possibilities in Berlin, it is the cheapest city in Central Europe and a preferred destination for immigration from all over the world, not only from Israel.” Getting a visa to stay in Germany a relatively easy, he explains
Boaz Arad, an Israeli journalist now living in Berlin, published an article this week in Haaretz titled “Why did we leave for Berlin (and it’s not the Milky).” He names the functioning public transportation, the strong social network, free education, affordable housing, rent fares controlled by law, decent working conditions “and not less important: no one pokes his nose in your private life, demanding you an explanation why your spouse is not Jewish or why you don’t have a spouse

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