El Al captain indoctrinates the passengers, but only in Hebrew

An advertisement for the Israeli Airline EL AL

El Al captain indoctrinates the passengers, but only in Hebrew

The El Al captain addresses the passengers in Hebrew on a flight from Tel Aviv to Berlin. He explains the memorial plates for Jews who perished in the holocaust (made of brass, scattered along sidewalks) and rejoices over the existence of Israel, thanks to which we will not turn into memorial plates again. But he doesn’t translate his statements on the plane into English. And I think, since when should I believe that Israel is safer for Jews, after the Nakba and the occupation and the atomic bomb?

I tell the stewardess I would like to complain, that for one, the plane is not supposed to be a Hasbara headquarters, and also that the pilot is obliged to translate his statements to the German passengers, or whomever speaks English.

Before landing, the pilot reports the temperature in Berlin, and at the end of his statement, he addresses me(!) on the speaker in Hebrew. He says he heard that there is a passenger who was offended by his statement, that he has nothing against the German people, and also that the Germany of today is not the Germany of old times. He adds that he’s glad Israel exists, that thanks to it we will not become human dust etc. Once again, he does not translate his message into English. The audience [passengers] clap. As if we’re on a reality show, titled UP – by El Al.

Translated by Ofer Neiman from the Hebrew source here

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