Join our Tikkun Lejl Shavuot

Tikkun Lejl Shavuot is a Jewish tradition of learning throughout the night before the day of Shavuot, in preparation for the Torah-Giving, which according to the rabbinic tradition took and still takes place every year in Shavuot. This year’s Tikkun features a series of speakers who will offer different readings of megilat rut, the biblical Scroll of Ruth, as a story of Gerut, i.e. becoming Jewish, and Mehagrut, becoming an immigrant. The evening will begin with a reading of the Scroll of Ruth, followed by a lecture by Dr. Ron Naiweld from Paris. Among the speakers: Gadi Goldberg, Oded Schechter, Elad Lapidot, Yael Almog, Mati Shemoelof, Armin Langer, Luca Di Blasi, Elli Stern and others.

Time: June 11, 20:30-02:00. Facebook Event

Place: Café Botanico, Richardstraße 100, 12043 Berlin


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