Forthcoming Publications and Readings

2016 © Stéphane Vaquero

2016 © Stéphane Vaquero – A photograph from a coming art exhibition about Berlin Jews


On April i will be reading my poems with the bass player Gidi Farhi on the 8th Poetic Hafla in Berlin. 1.4.17. Details soon.

On June i will be performing in A Jerusalem festival in a special show about my move to Berlin. I will update soon.

The story “To the son of a bitch” will be published on the spring edition of “Connsequence Magazine“.

Dr. Rachel Seelig talks about “Motherless Tongues: German-Hebrew Literary Exchange(De Gruyter Press) that will includes first chapter of my coming novel will publish both English and Hebrew translations!



15-17 of December – I will be reading my poems in the International Helicon Poetry Festival in Israel.

9 of December – Shemoelof & Farhi | Spoke word & Music in Berlin

The story “The Black River” was published on spring edition of “The Bombay Review“.



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משורר, עורך וסופר. A Writer
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