Remembering your golden years: Elegy for George Michael


Remembering your golden years: Elegy for George Michael

You were born, the same day your mother’s brother committed suicide. You wanted to know him, It took some joy from your mother’s life

who you always seem to miss.

Your father could not believe you were born a singer. He wanted you to study in a private school; he did not know your magic talent ran restlessly, inside of your wondrous soul

A Greek-English boy with a Mediterranean beauty

A golden angel dancing

Your golden hair spoke to men and women.

People said that?

who said you are a puppet of the pop industry?

They didn’t know that at the age of 14 already music sang inside your brain

Careless whispers of eternity

You fell in love in Anselmo while performing in Brazil, in front of sixty thousand people

and At the same speed you jumped up to heaven, you went down the stairs, when he died of AIDS two years after the careless whisper of redemption.

You were silent for a few years, Until You heard an angel coming down to earth like a Jesus to a child

You described the wonder that thrilled your heart

But the news about your mother was too hard,

She was the one who made you wear those silver threads on your white shirt on “Top of the Pop”. The shirt was ridiculous but the pain was even more difficult.

The Beverly hills police department falsely accused you, and you had to tell the world you are


You hated interviews but you went on a crusade to win them

You came out and gave a performance that you hated,

You sold your secrets on TV.

Yet even gods want to sleep, and you could not live with your

Tremendous success. What can you do when gold stands in your room like an elephant

How can you breath?

We were left to dance alone without you.

The poem was first published on Issues Magazine! 2017 😎


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