The Poem is the safest place

The Poem is the safest place

They’re waiting outside to hit you
They call you buttfucker-tranny-assmucher-queer
And you don’t want to go out
You stay put for a while in this poem

But they are afraid to love you
The way you look at them
Maybe they think that like a magician, with a look, you’ll make them their wives
Hex them so they couldn’t watch football without thinking of this great big orgy
Of males jumping on each other

You snicker at them, but like Hamlet you don’t want out of this poem
You’re not a kid no more in some Hollywood movie,
You go out, you read your poetry with their absent tenderness,
They envy
The way you dance, the way you laugh

The way you write, the way you love


Straight fundamentalism

Gays were sent to concentration camps in Chechnya. Some of them were returned to their families, knowing that the shame would prevent them from marrying off the girls of the family . in Chechnya they say there are no gays

Don’t take me there, I don’t want to wake up with them
Those that think that our songs
Perversion, bestiality, affliction, embarrassment, deviancy
A word to be treated with medication, a ghost, threatening the peace

No closet, concentration camp nor shame will bury the feeling
That we are different, and thusly beautiful, we are different and so we are beautiful

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