I am a Poet, Author, Editor, and Journalist. My diverse writing includes poetry (5 poetry books), plays, and prose.

My works have won significant recognition and prizes and have been translated to six languages. My first short story collection, “Remnants of the Cursed Book” was published in 2015 by Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir, the leading publishing company in Israel, where I have recently signed a publishing contract. The editors of the short stories book  were Prof. Yigal Schwartz and Tamar Bialik.

I edited a vast variety of magazines and papers, most of which deal with poetry and culture. I was the co-founder of Guerrilla Culture Movement with the poet Roy Chiki Arad. Now I am the co-found of “Poetic Hafla”.

2016 © Stéphane Vaquero

2016 © Stéphane Vaquero – A photograph from a coming art exhibition about Berlin Jews


The first chapter of my coming novel will be published on “Motherless Tongues: German-Hebrew Literary Exchange” (De Gruyter Press).

On the 15.7 i will read my poems on Writers@berlin Gartenfest

The story “To the son of a whore”, was published Consequence Magazine.

On the 11 of June I gave a lecture in front of Paidiea students about diasforic Hebrew culture.

On the 6-8 of June I was performing in Musrara Mix festival in Jerusalem.


On the 15-17 of December, I was reading my poems in the International Helicon Poetry Festival in Israel.

On the 9 of December i was performing with Spoken word & Music in Berlin

The story “The Black River” was published on spring edition of “The Bombay Review“.

© ID Festival Berlin 2016 | Ruthe Zuntz

© ID Festival Berlin 2016 | Ruthe Zuntz

My writing is diverse and includes poetry, plays, and prose. My works have won significant recognition and prizes, including “Best debut poetry book of the year” (national art trust of the national lottery 2001); Selected appearance of “What has become of the independence day” play in the Small-Bama festival of the University of Tel Aviv; Best poetry book of the year (Haifa Cultural Foundation 2006); Honorable mention at “Haaretz” Annual short story contest (2011); Winner of the Acum prize for advocating literature in Israel (2013) and more

My works have been translated to more then six languages, including a German translation done by the Literaturwerkstatt, which also invited me to Berlin to record my poems on audio (Lyrikline 2012), and a recent translation to Arab, which was published in leading literature papers, such as Alarabia (Internet), Kadita (Israel), Al-Carmel (Ramallah) and Al-Akbar (Egypt).

I read my poems on the Chicago University and on Cornel University. On 2015 I was invited to lecture in the Tel Aviv University. On 2016 I was reading my poems a special event about Mizrahi Poetry in Basel University in Switzerland and the ID festival in Berlin.

My poems were published on different Magazines: Zeek Magazine, Words without bordersBig Bridge Journal, Märchenland: Die beteiligten Autoren setzten sich mit den Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm auseinander, brachten ihre prosaische Form auf eine lyrische Ebene und begaben sich in die mitunter ambivalenten Bereiche des kulturellen Gedächtnisses in Deutschland und Israel.”

 As an editor, I edited a vast variety of magazines and papers, most of which deal with poetry and culture. These works include “Echoing Identities” (Am-Oved 2007) which is one of most viewed and quoted academic work regarding 3rd generation writers in Israel, and “Aduma” (Red) – A poetry collection, which sold more than 3 editions in a very short time, and considered to be a one of the most successful and original literature publication ventures in Israel in the last decade.

I published regularly on Israel’s leading media channels, including: Israel Hayom (Israel’s most popular daily newspaper), were I contribute a weekly opinion column and literature reviews.  I publish a weekly column on Mako as well (The Internet news site of Keshet – Israel’s the most popular TV channel). Previously, I published on Ynet (Israel’s most popular news site), NRG (Israel’s #3 news site), and Walla (Israel’s most popular portal). I also took part in many TV appearances, including guest and panel member on Popolitika (public channel TV); Owls (culture channel TV); Channel 10 News, and others.

To complement my  journalistic and artistic work, I took part in social activities: I volunteered in Keshet, The Democratic Rainbow Organization, as a researcher and spokesman for five years.  I co-founded the multi-ethnical annual workshops in Tel Aviv for Ashkenazi and Mizrahi cultural movements at the Lyvik House for Yiddish writers; I contributed critical texts to several plastic art shows at the Museum of Tel Aviv for Arts, Bezalel Academy of Arts and design, and more.

I was the co-founder of the Israel Poets Union and the co-founder of “Culture Guerrilla”, an Israeli movement which propagates poetry as an accessible art form, and promotes political causes by means of art performed in public. Although the usually exclusive nature of poetry and poetry reading, this movement has achieved significant success in high profile cases regarding contemporary economical and social events, reaching front headlines in Israel, and a few mentions abroad (including one at the New York times).

I am the co-found of “Poetic Hafla” – It is a celebration that aspires to create a middle-eastern place in Berlin, reading, acting, performing and singing om multiple languages. It combines the Arabic style party (i.e. Hafla) with the classic hip hop poetry slam.

Short Stories

The Black River, Bombay Review

“To the son of a whore”, Consequence Magazine

Every Poison Holds Too Much Magic

A Jew abandoned in Baghdad

Poems in English

Words of Departure

I wonder what the cost of the Holocaust

we want to leave it

Breaking passports

The cause of my death: too many love songs

In an Entire Ruined Village and at the Jaffa Expulsion

Why don’t I write Israeli Love Songs

They drove out our hope

Why there is no (re)union in reunions

The cabin of our decline

 And It Is Not A Quotation, It Is a Burning Sign On My Neck

 My deceased father

 I wish I could return between the knives of time

Ballad of the Middle of the Twenty First Century


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