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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mati Shemoelof

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2006                        M.A.                                       Haifa University                     History

1999                        B.A.                                        Tel-Aviv University      Theater


2018–Now             Freelance Writer,+61J Magazine, Australia

 2018–Now            New Media, Fairplanet Magazine, Berlin-London.

2010–Now             Director of Online Communications, Rabbis for Human Rights, Israel.

2014–2015             Literary Weekly Column, Haaretz Newspaper, Israel.

2011–2013             Columnist, Mako News Portal, Israel.

2008–2013             Teacher (Creative Writing), Ron Vardi High School, Rishon LeZion, Israel.

2010–2011             Campaign Manager (PR and Social) Management, Diboor, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2008–2011              Lecturer in Cultural Studies, Minshar for Arts College, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2007–2014              Columnist (Op-Ed and Literary Reviews Contributor), Israel HaYom, Daily Newspaper.


2018                      German edition of my poems will be published by the Berlin publisher AphorismA.

2017                      Radical Jewish Festival – Maxim Gorki Theater.

2017                      LCB Berlin Sommerfest.

2016                      Helicon International Literary Festival.

2016                      Basel International Literary Festival.

2015                       Best Book of Year Prize, Yekum Tarbut. Israel.

2014                       Arab Jewish Texts Conference, Chicago University. USA.

2014                       Rabinovich Foundation Prize. Israel.

2013                       Acum Grant. Israel.

2012                       Translation Workshop, Literaturwerkstatt. Berlin.

2011                       Honorable Mention, Haaretz Annual Short Story Contest. Israel.

2011                       Honorable Mention,  Einat Annual Science Fiction Short Story Contest. Israel.

2006                       Best Poetry Book of the Year, Haifa Cultural Foundation. Israel.

2010                       Rabinovich Foundation Prize. Israel.

2009–2010              Living Stipends, The Department of Hebrew Literature, The Hebrew University of  Jerusalem. Israel.

2008–2010              Full Graduate Grant, ISEF, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Israel.

2008–2010              Herzl Scholarship, The Cherrick Center for the study of Zionism, The Hebrew University   of Jerusalem. Israel.

2007–2008              Scholarship of Excellence, The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, The Hebrew   University of Jerusalem. Israel.

2003–2006              Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence, The Department of General History, University of Haifa. Israel.

2006                        Research Grant, CSUS, University of Haifa. Israel.

2006                        Iraqi Jews Foundation Grant for my Second Poetry Book. Israel.

2006                        Haifa Cultural Foundation Grant for my second Poetry Book. Israel.

2006                        Scholarship of Excellence, University of Haifa. Israel.

2003-2006               Full Graduate Grant, ISEF, University of Haifa. Israel.

2001                        Best Debut Poetry Book of the Year, National Lottery Art Trust. srael.



2018                        My Radio Hörspiel will be broadcast on German Radio WDR Cologne. The 1st  December 2018. (Forthcoming).


2018                        I will moderate a special event of Jews and Arabs connecting to the Middle East. LCB. 25.10.18. (Forthcoming).

2018                        I read my poems in the Jewish Museum and participate in a panel to the “Ivrim” project. 13.10.2018.

2018                        I read my poems in the “Poetic Hafla”. Berliner Bibliotheksfestival – 20 Jahre VÖBB 16.9.2018.

2018                        I gave a lecture to the students of Toronto University about “Hebrew writing in    Berlin”. Berlin, 1.8.2018.

2018                        I gave a lecture “…reißst die Mauern ein zwischen ‘uns’ und ‘ihnen'” (Breaking

                             the walls between ‘us’ and ‘them’), Georgenkirchstraße 69 | BMW (Knaksaal), Berlin,     27th of June, 2018.


2018                        I participated in the conference “Ängst is now a Weltanschauung”. Bell Haus       Berlin.  14.7.18.

2018                        I read my poems in the 15th “Poetic Hafla”. Lettrétage – das Literaturhaus in Berlin     Kreuzberg. 4.5.2018.

2018                        I was moderating a Hebrew book launch to the Poet Yonit Naaman. Acud Theater.       12.4.2018.


2018                        I was reading my poems via Skype in front of the students of Prof. Yaron Shemer    Seminar. North Carolina University.  20.3.2018.


2018                        I was reading my poems in the Jüdische salon in Hamburg with the scholar Jan Küneh.   8.3.2018.

2018                        I was giving the Torah portion. Frankelufer Synagogue. Berlin.  3.2.2018.

2018                        I was participating in the panel of the International Holocaust day with Mirna Funk.      Berlin Ensemble. 27.1.2018.

2017                        I participated in “Jewish Limmud”, in the Vienne University. Austria. 19.11.2017.

2017                        I read my poems in the 13th “Poetic Hafla”. Berlin. Lettrétage – das Literaturhaus in   Berlin Kreuzberg. 18.11.2017.


2017                        I participated in a panel, “Neues Judentum – Allianzen in der postmigrantischen   Gesellschaft“ , das Jüdische Museum Berlin in Kooperation mit dem Maxim Gorki    Theater. 16.11.2017.

2017                        I participated in RJC festival in the Maxim Gorki Theater. Berlin. 4.11.2017.

2017                        I was reading my poems in Solidarity with Jaffa Theater. Israel. 5.10.2017.

2017                        I was participating in a documentary movie about the life and poetry of Miri Be     Simhon. Tel Aviv Cinematheque. Israel. 3.10.2017.

2017                        I was reading poems on the LCB Berlin sommerfest, Berlin. 15-7.2017.

2017                        I was reading my poems in the “Space of Debate – Voices of the next state”, Nueur  Berliner Kunstverein. Berlin.  6.7.2017.

2017                         I was lecturing at the “Paideia – European Institute for Jewish Studies” Conference, 10   of June. Berlin. 11.6.2017.

2017                          I was performing at the Musrara Mix Festival in Jerusalem. 6-8 of June, Jerusalem.

2016                           I was reading Poems at the international “Helicon” Festival. Mizpe      Rimon. Israel, 15-17.12.2016.

2016                           I was reading Poems at the fifth “Poetic Hafla”. Café De Republic .    Berlin, 28.10.2016.

2016                           I was reading my poems at a talk “Are Jews are the new Muslim” with  Norbert Kron. Janine bean Gallery. Berlin, 25.10.2016.

2016                           I was reading my Poems and lecturing. Festival ID Berlin . Berlin,                                              21.10.2016.

2015                           I was reading my Poems at The Basel International poetry festival,  Switzerland, 6.1.2016.

2015                            I was reading my Poems at “Between Israel and Berlin “event, The Soho            House, Berlin, 25.11.2015.


2015                            I gave a lecture about “Diasporic writing”, The Tel Aviv University      Israel, 1.11.2015.


2015                            I was participating, in a photo exhibition about “Israelis in Berlin” by            Heike Steinweg, Templehof Gallery, 4.6.2015


2015                            I was participating in an RBB program in the German TV “Sababa –         Israelis and their Berlin”, 7.5.2015.


2015                           I was participating in a poetry reading Hebrew Poets in Berlin” at        Literaturwerkstat, Berlin, 13.4.2015.



2003-[2010]                            ISEF: The International Education Foundation

2008-2009                               Ben-Zvi Institute – Jerusalem, PhD Workshop.

2008-2009                               Kadmata – Ben-Zvi Institute – Jerusalem.

2006-2009                               Van-Leer Institute – Jerusalem


  • “Critical Reflections on the Israeli National Culture” and “History of the Western Culture” (at Minshar for Art College, Tel-Aviv)
  • “Creative Writing for teenage kids” (at Ron Vardi Center, Rison -LeZion)


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