Mati Shemoelof , writerShot in Berlin 5/5/2014
.Mati Shemoelof , writer Shot in Berlin 5/5/2014 Poto: Cfir Harbi

English and German:

I am a poet, author and editor. My writing is diverse and includes six poetry books, plays, articles and fiction. German edition of my poems will be published by the Berlin publisher AphorismA in 2018. A Hörspiel i wrote was aired on 2018 in the WDR radio station.

My works have won significant recognition and prizes. “Remnants of the Cursed Book”- My short story book was published by Kinneret Zmora publishers (2014) the leading publishing company in Israel. The editors of the short stories book were Prof. Yigal Schwartz and Tamar Bialik. My sixth poetry book “Hebrew outside of its sweet insides” was published on Pardes Publishers (2017). Lately i published this booklet “…reist die Mauern ein zwischen ‘uns’ und ‘uhnen’“, by AphorismA Verlag.

I am one of the leading voices of the Arab-Jews (Mizrahi Movement). I was one of the founders of the “Guerrilla Culture” movement in Israel. I was one of the founders of “Poetic-Hafla”, A multi-language Poetry-Art-Music parties in Berlin. It is a celebration that aspires to create a middle-eastern place in Berlin, reading, acting, performing and singing om multiple languages. It combines the Arabic style party (i.e. Hafla) with the classic hip hop poetry slam. Now i am working on a new project, “Jews and Arabs connecting to the Middle-East in Berlin”. It is a wonderful meeting between Arab-Jews and Arab writers from all over the Arab world.

25. Oktober 2018/
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These days i am writing my second Novel as part of the rising Israeli Jewish Diaspora in Berlin. First chapter of my coming novel was published on “Motherless Tongues: German-Hebrew Literary Exchange” (De Gruyter Press) 2018. Click here to read it. Some academic scholars already mention the context of my work like Ashley Passmore and Yael Almog. Dr. Rachel Zeelig wrote two chapters on my writing also in the book “Strangers in Berlin“. Dr. Ktzia Alon wrote about my poetry in the first Mizrahi Methodology book about Mizrahi poetic Writing – Oriental Israeli Poaties. This book also was named with a line from my poetry.

My works have won significant recognition and prizes, including “Best debut poetry book of the year” (national art trust of the national lottery 2001); Selected appearance of “What has become of the independence day” play in the Small-Bama festival of the University of Tel Aviv; Best poetry book of the year (Haifa Cultural Foundation 2006); Honorable mention at “Haaretz” Annual short story contest (2011);  and more. My works have been translated to more then six languages, including a German translation done by the Literaturwerkstatt, which also invited me to Berlin to record my poems on audio (Lyrikline 2012).

As an editor, I edited a vast variety of magazines and papers, most of which deal with poetry and culture. These works include “Echoing Identities” (Am-Oved 2007) which is one of most viewed and quoted academic work regarding 3rd generation writers in Israel, and “Aduma” (Red) – A poetry collection, which sold more than 3 editions in a very short time, and considered to be a one of the most successful and original literature publication ventures in Israel in the last decade.

I was publishing regularly on Israel’s leading media channels, including: Israel Hayom (Israel’s most popular daily newspaper), were I contribute a weekly opinion column and literature reviews. I used to publish a weekly column on Mako as well (The Internet news site of Keshet – Israel’s the most popular TV channel). Previously, I published on Ynet (Israel’s most popular news site), NRG (Israel’s #3 news site), and Walla (Israel’s most popular portal). I also took part in many TV appearances, including guest and panel member on Popolitika (public channel TV); Owls (culture channel TV); Channel 10 News, and others.

To complement my journalistic and artistic work, I took part in social activities: I volunteered in Keshet, The Democratic Rainbow Organization, as a researcher and spokesman for five years. I co-founded the multi-ethnical annual workshops in Tel Aviv for Ashkenazi and Mizrahi cultural movements at the Lyvik House for Yiddish writers; I contributed critical texts to several plastic art shows at the Museum of Tel Aviv for Arts, Bezalel Academy of Arts and design, and more.

I was the co-founder of the Israel Poets Union (2012-today) and the co-founder of “Culture Guerrilla” (2007-2013), an Israeli movement which propagates poetry as an accessible art form, and promotes political causes by means of art performed in public. Although the usually exclusive nature of poetry and poetry reading, this movement has achieved significant success in high profile cases regarding contemporary economical and social events, reaching front headlines in Israel, and a few mentions abroad (including one at the New York times).


Mati Shemoelof ist Dichter, Autor und Herausgeber. Sein Schreiben ist vielfältig und umfass sechs Gedichtbände, Theaterstücke, Artikel und Belletristik. Seine Arbeiten haben bedeutende Anderkennung und Preise gewonnen. Überreste des verfluchten Buchen, sein jüngstes Kurgeschichtenbuch, wurde von Kinneret Zmora Publishers (2014) veröffentlicht. Er ist eine der führenden Stimmen arabischer Juden (Mizrahi-Bewegung). Er war Mitbegründer der <<Guerilla Culture>>-Bewegung in Israel. Heute ist er einer der Günder von <<Poetic Hafla>>, einer mehrsprachigen Poesie-Kunst-Musik-Party in Berlin und schreibt an seinem zweiten Roman. Sein sechster Gedichtband Hebrew outside of its sweet insides wurde bei Pardes Publishers (2017) veröffentlicht.


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  1. Great stuff, Mati. If you want to see some ‘literary’ word-art go to my website: then search for “weinbergsart” Maybe you will enjoy this, Thanks. Bitte. Shalom. asalam aleykum.

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