Dr. Rachel Seelig talks about “Motherless Tongues: German-Hebrew Literary Exchange” that will includes first chapter of my coming novel will be published both English and Hebrew translation!

Miri Regev Cultural warThe New York Times

“Sind Muslime die neuen Juden?” – Eine orientalische Liebesgeschichte in Kanaan Berlin, Norbert Kron Blog

Creating a radical Hebrew culture — in the diaspora, 972Magazine


Exile and Zion: Israeli writers on living and writing abroad

The diaspora is an integral part of Hebrew literature 

Responding to the Zionist claim that the Palestinian refugees are the equivalent of the Arab Jews

Vorführung des Films “The Dove Flyer” und anschließendes Gespräch im Kino Babylon in Berlin

Migration and Its Discontents: Israelis in Berlin and Homeland Politics

Erinnerung an eine verlorene Zeit

Jüdischer Schwerpunkt beim Internationalen Lyrikfestival



Israel Has an Amazing Literary Diaspora, The Tower Magazine, Beth Kissileff, 1.6.2015 – Across Europe and on both American coasts, Israeli expat writers are revolutionizing Hebrew literature while—or perhaps because—they are separated from the country where their language is spoken.




Freitag Magazine



Digital roundtable brings Israeli writers to campus | Linda B. Glaser

I was interviewed by The known Journalist Petar Volgin Bulgarian Radio about culture and protest (2013)


  • Khaled Diab, From exile to refuge, Haaretz, 2012


Revenge of the schnauzers, 12.8.2013

Controlling our future, 23.6.2013

Move over, old media, 23.4.2013

Don’t take rebellion lightly, 11.4.2013

Where would we be without poetry?, 21.2.2013

Facebook: Winners and losers, 25.1.2013


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