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Young Mizrahi Israelis’ open letter to Arab peers

cc: flicker Nic's events

cc: flicker Nic's events

In a letter titled, “Ruh Jedida: A New Spirit for 2011,” young Jewish descendants of the Arab and Islamic world living in Israel write to their peers in the Middle East and North Africa We, as the descendents of the Jewish communities of the Arab and Muslim world, the Middle East and the Maghreb, and as the second and third generation of Mizrahi Jews in Israel, are watching with great excitement and curiosity the major role that the men and women of our generation are playing so courageously in the demonstrations for freedom and change across the Arab world. We identify with you and are extremely hopeful for the future of the revolutions that have already succeeded in Tunisia and Egypt. We are equally pained and worried at the great loss of life in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, and many other places in the region. Our generation’s protest against repression and oppressive and abusive regimes, and its call for change, freedom, and the establishment of democratic governments that foster citizen participation in the political process, marks a dramatic moment in the history of the Middle East and North Africa, a region which has for generations been torn between various forces, internal and external, and whose leaders have often trampled the political, economic, and cultural rights of its citizens. We are Israelis, the children and grandchildren of Jews who lived in the Middle East and North Africa for hundreds and thousands of years. Read More…


Special Poem for the Egyptian Revolution

My best friend M. from Egypt send me an email: “mubarak’s regime closes the facebook. Shoots and puts demonstrators in jail. please share” and so I decided to upload this poem especially for him and for the Egyptian people who want democracy in the middle-east!

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Is Tel Aviv’s cultural life reason to hope for Israel’s democracy?

Is Tel Aviv’s cultural life reason to hope for Israel’s democracy?” Lisa Goldman answer my last open ed on 972magazine and feels that Tel Avivian is some kind of bubble. i am working on my answer to her. but what is your opinion and comments?


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