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Social Justice and gender in Jewish Sources | Shlomit Lir

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Between The Salon And The Dream

I chose to etch out an interpretive step that would epitomize the new poetical modes, on the one hand and the engagement in identity and social existence questions, on the other hand, present in the poetry of Miry Ben-Simchon. The poem to which the proposed reading will be applied is “Towards a poem” (“Likr’at Shir), published in her first book, “Interested Not Interested” (Me’unyenet L’o Meunye’net) (Ben Simchon, 1983). I will endeavor to pause for a while over the text, and consider the symbolic struggle between two speakers that it contains. Paraphrasing Frederic Jameson, I will contend that the associative structure I put forth in my reading, strives towards providing insights of resolving the complex relationship between text ad contexts. Jameson determines that this relationship is not one of mirror images, but intricate and complex: “The text creates its context, marks it and produces it, and at the same time shrinks from it as soon as it proposes a change, as a solution to the contradictions in the context in which the text is made” (Jameson, 2004).
The fusing of the different elements in the reasoning and creative writing of her poetry, along with the utilization of the epistolary mode of free association insinuate a symbolic demolition of the representations of culture and language as “high”. This is partially an echo of the revolutions of the 1960’s, and the decision to break down cultural hierarchies and to bring the questions of identity “back” into cultural history. The associative poetical structure challenges the hegemonic “metaphysical” wording, detached from specific time and place – a wording in which poetics in Israel was fixated since the 1960’s – and in a composite move, it brings questions of ethnicity and feminism back into poetry.
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