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Tunisia – Bezalel (Official Music Video) تونس – بيتسالئيل

Great story: about an Arab-Jew (Mizrahi) named Bezalel whose parents emigrate from Tunisia to Palestine and so he grows up (like me) without being in the mother Arab Islamic land. But after he grew up he made a YouTube with his moms and it’s got famous in the Tunisia revolution part of the Arab Spring. Continue reading

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A Social Act of Courage and Hope

At Passover night dinner, my family prayed for the return of kidnapped soldier Gil’ad Shalit to Israel. One of the family members suggested that a government that forgets its own sons is not a legitimate government. I was pretty surprised, because when the conversation revolves around the social issues of this welfare state, I don’t tend to hear the desperation quite that clearly. But when it comes to the issue of Gil’ad Shalit, the taboo around criticizing Israel has been somehow lifted, and a big outcry is heard, following by a sense of futility Continue reading

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From the fringes of the metropolis, a new center will emerge

Lisa Goldman response to me in her piece, "Does Israel’s cultural life offer hope for its democracy?”, and raises important points about the discussion of the connection between the cultural and the political. Here is mu Answer. Continue reading

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