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Ballad of the Middle of the Twenty First Century

This poem was published first on Scar Minimizer (Tel-Aviv: Gwanim Publishers, 2001) and then on “Märchenland: Die beteiligten Autoren setzten sich mit den Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm auseinander, brachten ihre prosaische Form auf eine lyrische Ebene und begaben sich in die mitunter ambivalenten Bereiche des kulturellen Gedächtnisses in Deutschland und Israel.” Continue reading

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“City and Fears” – Eli Eliah: Book Review

“City and Fears” – Eli Eliah: Book Review Continue reading

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They drove out our hope: Spoken word in a free translation

Here is a poem i wrote after TLV mayor neo-liberal, white, arrogant Ron Huldai threw away the Ha’Tikva tents where homeless and poor people were living. it was last year. I among hundreds of social activists protest around the mayor offices in the middle of Tel Aviv. Actually I embedded some of my reading of the poem in different protest and poetry events (Also you can help me in translation – here is the Hebrew version). Continue reading

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A picture worth a thousand words | My Travel to Poetry Workshop in Berlin

The video depicting Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner bashing the butt of his M-16 rifle into the face of a Danish activist, who came to Israel to show solidarity with the Palestinians, may have been made public with particularly embarrassing timing for Israel, but the problematic timing does not exempt us from asking the hard questions about the conduct of soldiers and violence within Israeli society. Continue reading

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